Chiral space group

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Groupe d'espace chiral (Fr). Gruppo spaziale chirale (It). キラル空間群 (Ja).

A chiral space group is a space group whose group structure is chiral: its Euclidean normalizer contains only operations of the first kind. Every chiral type of space group occurs in two enantiomorphic variants. In E3 there are thus 22 types of chiral space groups, forming 11 enantiomorphic pairs.

Classification scheme of space groups in terms of chirality.
  • P41-P43
  • P4122-P4322
  • P41212-P43212
  • P31-P32
  • P3121-P3221
  • P3112-P3212
  • P61-P65
  • P6122-P6522
  • P62-P64
  • P6222-P6422
  • P4132-P4332

A chiral crystal structure can occur not only in the 22 chiral space-group types but in any of the 65 Sohncke groups.

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