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<Font color="blue">Structure cristalline</Font> (''Fr''). <Font color="black">Struttura cristallina</Font> (''It''). <Font color="purple"> 結晶構造</Font> (''Ja'')
<font color="blue">Structure cristalline</font> (''Fr''). <font color="red">Kristallstruktur</font> (''Ge''). <font color="black">Struttura cristallina</font> (''It''). <font color="purple"> 結晶構造</font> (''Ja''). <font color="green">Estructura cristalina</font> (''Sp'').

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Structure cristalline (Fr). Kristallstruktur (Ge). Struttura cristallina (It). 結晶構造 (Ja). Estructura cristalina (Sp).

A crystal structure is a crystal pattern consisting of atoms.

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