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<Font color="blue"> Base cristallographique </Font>(''Fr''). <Font color="red"> Kristallographische Basis </Font> (''Ge''). <Font color="black"> Base cristallografica </Font>(''It'')
<Font color="blue">Base cristallographique</Font> (''Fr''); <Font color="red">Kristallographische Basis</Font> (''Ge''); <Font color="black">Base cristallografica </Font> (''It''); <Font color="purple">結晶基底</Font>(''Ja'').
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== See also ==
== See also ==
*[[direct lattice]]
[[direct lattice]]<br>
*Section of ''International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A'', 6<sup>th</sup> edition
Section of ''International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A'', 6<sup>th</sup> edition
[[Category:Fundamental crystallography]]<br>
[[Category:Fundamental crystallography]]<br>

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Base cristallographique (Fr); Kristallographische Basis (Ge); Base cristallografica (It); 結晶基底(Ja).


A basis of n vectors e1, e2, ... , en of the vector space Vn is a crystallographic basis of the vector lattice L if every integral linear combination t = u1e1 + u2e2 + ... + unen is a lattice vector of L. It may or may not be a primitive basis.

See also

  • direct lattice
  • Section of International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A, 6th edition