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== See also ==
== See also ==
*[[Arithmetic crystal class]]
*[[Arithmetic crystal class]]
*Section 8.2.4 of ''International Tables for Crystallography, Volume A''<br>
*Section of ''International Tables for Crystallography, Volume A'', 6<sup>th</sup> edition
[[Category:Fundamental crystallography]]
[[Category:Fundamental crystallography]]

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Classe cristalline géométrique (Fr); Geometrische Kristallklasse (Ge); Clase cristallina geométrica (Sp); Classe cristallina geometrica (It); 幾何的結晶類 (Ja).


Geometric crystal classes (or simply 'crystal classes') classify the symmetry groups of the external shape of macroscopic crystals, namely according to the morphological symmetry. There are 10 two-dimensional geometric crystal classes and 32 three-dimensional geometric crystal classes, in one to one correspondence with the 10 and 32 types of point groups in E2 and E3, respectively.

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