Integral reflection conditions

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Conditions de réflexion intégrales (Fr).


The integral reflections are the general reflection conditions due to the centring of cells. They are given in the table below:

Integral reflection conditions for centred lattices.
Centring type of cell Centring symbol
None Primitive P
R (rhombohedral axes)
h + k = 2n C-face centred C
k + l = 2n A-face centred A
l + h = 2n B-face centred B
h + k + l = 2n body centred I
h + k, h + l and

k + l = 2n or:
h, k, l all odd or all

even (‘unmixed’)
all-face centred F
h + k + l = 3n rhombohedrally

centred, reverse

R (hexagonal axes)
hk + l = 3n rhombohedrally

centred, obverse

setting (standard)
hk = 3n hexagonally centred H

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