Laue class

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Classes de Laue (Fr). Laue Klassen (Ge). Clases de Laue (Sp). Classi di Laue (It)


The Laue classes correspond to the eleven centrosymmetric point groups. When absorption is negligible and Friedel's law applies, it is impossible to distinguish by diffraction between a centrosymmetric point group and one of its non-centrosymmetric subgroups.

Laue classes Non-centrosymmetric groups
having the same Laue class
[math]{\bar 1}[/math] 1
2/m 2, m
mmm 222, 2mm
[math]{\bar 3}[/math] 3
[math]{\bar 3}m[/math] 32, 3m
4/m 4, [math]{\bar 4}[/math]
4/mmm 422, [math]{\bar 4}2m[/math], 42m
6/m 6, [math]{\bar 6}[/math]
6/mmm 622, [math]{\bar 6}2m[/math], 62m
[math]m{\bar 3}[/math] 23
[math]m{\bar 3}m[/math] 432, [math]{\bar 4}[/math]32

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