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== See also ==
== See also ==
*Chapter 3.2 of ''International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A'', 6<sup>th</sup> edition
Chapter 8.2 of ''International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A''<br>
[[Category:Fundamental crystallography]]
[[Category:Fundamental crystallography]]

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Symétrie ponctuelle (Fr). Punktsymmetrie (Ge). Simetria punctual (Sp). Simmetria del sito, simmetria puntuale (It).


The point symmetry of a position is its site symmetry. The point symmetry, or point group of a lattice is the group of linear mappings (symmetry operations, isometries) that map the vector lattice L onto itself. Those geometric crystal classes to which point symmetries of lattices belong are called holohedries.

See also

  • Chapter 3.2 of International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A, 6th edition