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==See also ==
==See also ==
*[[reflection conditions]]
[[reflection conditions]]<br>
*Section of ''International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A'', 6<sup>th</sup> edition
Section 2.2.13 of ''International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A''

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Conditions de réflexion sériales (Fr). Condizioni di riflessione seriali (It)


The serial reflection conditions are the general reflection conditions due to the presence of screw axes. The resulting conditions apply only to one-dimensional sets of reflections, i.e. reciprocal-lattice rows containing the origin (such as h00, 0k0, 00l). For instance, for a screw axis parallel to [001], the reflection conditions are:

type of reflectionreflection condition screw vector screw axis
00l l = 2 n c/2 21; 42
l = 4 nc/4 41; 43
000l l = 2 n c/2 63
l = 3 n c/3 41; 31; 32; 62; 64
l = 6 nc/661;65

The serial reflection conditions are listed in Table of International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A.

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