Zonal reflection conditions

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Conditions de réflexion zonales (Fr). Condizioni di riflessione zonali (It)


The zonal reflection conditions are the general reflection conditions due to the presence of glide planes. The resulting conditions apply only to twodimensional sets of reflections, i.e. to reciprocal-lattice nets containing the origin (such as hk0, h0l, 0kl, hhl). For instance, for a glide plane parallel to (001):

type of reflectionreflection condition glide vector glide plane
0kl k = 2 n b/2 b
l = 2 nc/2 c
k + l = 2 nb/2 + c/2 n
k + l = 4 n
k, l = 2n
b/4 ± c/4 d

The zonal reflection conditions are listed in Table of International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A.

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