Right-handed quartz

From Online Dictionary of Crystallography

Quartz droit (Fr). Quarzo destrogiro (It). 右石英 (Ja). Cuarzo diestro (Sp).


The dextrorotatory quartz is called right-handed quartz. The space group of the right-handed quartz in the low-temperature phase is P3221.


In 1811, D. F. J. Arago found the optical activity of the quartz plate prepared by cutting the crystal into slices perpendicular to the c axis. In 1819, J.-B. Biot examined the quartz plates by a polarimeter to recognize that there are dextrorotatory and laevorotatory quartz. The absolute structure of the dextrorotatory quartz was determined by X-ray anomalous scattering in 1958 by A. De Vries to establish the relationship that the dextrorotatory quartz has 32 screw axes.


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