Report of Working Group

From Online Dictionary of Crystallography

Brian McMahon - In the section on Granularity, I added the sentence "At the time of writing, categories are being assigned to entries on an ad hoc basis in an attempt to determine suitable structuring mechanisms", which I think fairly reflects where we are on this. Is it mandatory that every entry be assigned to one or more categories? (At the moment I haven't assigned a Category to my entries such as CIF because it's not clear what would be suitable in these specialised cases.) I observed also John Helliwell's uncertainty over assignement of categories. It may be helpful for Andre to draw up a more extensive list of candidate categories at a quite early stage.


Brian McMahon - Here I report part of a discussion I had with Sven Lidin. I've given my opinion on this, though it's a topic that should be discussed more generally by the Dictionary Working Group.